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September 21st-23rd, 2023



916 A. North Formosa Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90046


2023 award winners

Best of The Fest


Dir. David Arslanian 

Best Performance

Nathaniel Slaughter

"You Forgot Your Wallet?"

Best Performance

Kimberly Weir


Best Director

Nina Bouchaud Cheval

"Les Eveillées"

Diversity in the Arts

Look Back At It

Dir. Felicia Pride 

Diversity in the Arts

Catch the Bus

Dir. Chloe Owens

Audience Award


Dir. Nicholas Mihm 

2023 official selections

Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival 2023

September 21st - 23rd, 2023

Block 1: Inspire Embrace Empower

Thursday September 21st @ 8pm / Doors 7pm
** Reception to follow
Little Brother (LADFF Legacy Film 2021); dir Dikega Hadnot
Keith, a white elementary school teacher, journeys to South Los Angeles to investigate the home life of his gifted student Lamont.
Christina; dir Gerald Patrick Fantone
A woman with Down syndrome longs for independence from her overprotective mother until an unexpected illness forces her to take on new responsibilities.
Good Filipino Kids; dir Andrew Acedo
Two Filipino lovers with different upbringings struggle to fulfill cultural and familial expectations.
Charbon (Underdog); dir David Arslanian
Mirko, a 23-year-old student, has only a few hours left to pay back his unpaid rent or he will be evicted.
You Forgot Your Wallet?; dir Brandon Blackmon
When he can't find his wallet at the end of a dinner date, Nate makes an indecent proposal to get out of paying the bill.

Block 2: LA DTF

Friday September 22nd @ 8pm / Doors 7pm
** Reception to follow
Muy Gay Too Mexicano (LADFF Legacy Film 2020); dir Lorena Lourenco
J.D. prepares for a date by seeking advice from two very different people, both of whom who try to make him feel comfortable with his identities.
We Are Sexual Beings; dir Isaac Elliot
We Are Sexual Beings explores what being young, disabled and sexual in modern Australia is all about.
Look Back At It; dir Felicia Pride
A forty-something single mother gets her groove back with a little assistance from her teenage daughter.
Farmers Dating; dir Alexandra Hsu
In rural France, a young farmer is struggling to understand the new world of dating via technology and she’s not sure her tomatoes are ripe for anyone.
Tomorrow; dir Jessica Liu
A young woman tries to get her late-night lover to commit to her.
El Intercambio (The Exchange); dir Marco Berger
Mateo and Lucas go on a search, both physical and personal.

Block 3: No White Flags

Saturday September 23rd @ 5pm / Doors 4:30pm
** Reception to follow
Bubjan; dir Nicholas Mihm
The story of a life lived: This is the journey of Parwiz Zafari, an Iranian man who has been living in exile in the United States since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Catch The Bus; dir Chloe Owens
James, an older gentleman, is at an audition and he's initially sized up to be a no-go by the producer. But it took James two busses to get to the audition, so he presses forward.
On The Clock (LADFF Legacy Film 2019); dir Tayo Amos
When Sofia gets her first period, Lucas sets out to secure the feminine products she needs, confronting many harsh realities along the way. 

Block 4: Women Under The Influence

Saturday September 23rd @ 6:45pm / Doors 6:15pm
** Reception to follow
Make Me The Tennessee (LADFF Legacy Film 2020); dir Sasha Pasternak
Kathy Watts, a small-town woman, must take the law into her own hands and confront her husband for his unlawful sins. Her husband also happens to be a police officer.
Me Night; dir Anna Salinas
When Allie's plans fall through, she must face her chaotic Inner Demon to survive an evening home alone.
Preggers; dir Sylvia Ray
After an encounter with a curandera, Isabella takes a pregnancy test that derails the plans she has for herself and tests her relationship with her boyfriend.
The Ringmaster; dir Maya Albanese
Alma feels she's finally found an escape from her disturbing family life when she discovers an underground world of circus performers, but as she becomes the muse to its enigmatic ringmaster, the fantasy devolves into a nightmare that feels uncannily familiar.
Les Eveillées (Enlightened); dir Nina Bouchaud Cheval
Zoe, a lonely teenager, escapes a painful family life by spending time with a community of travelers. When her father suddenly dies, France, a rebellious young gypsy, takes her on the road to organize a traditional gypsy wake.

Block 5: Live. Laugh. Lust.

Saturday September 23rd @ 9pm / Doors 8:00pm
** Reception to follow
Don't Come In... Yet; dir Isaac Elliott
As a wheelchair user, Jake is constantly watched over by his dad and lauded for his bravery by everyone. Now 18, he's finally been left at home without supervision, with his best friend June. Together, they plan to use the opportunity to have sex.
Halmoni's Pot (Grandma's Pot); dir Alice Lauren Lee
A dutiful, loving grandma reluctantly agrees to buy pot for her grandson. But pay full price? Never!
Hit Friends; dir Daniel Rashid
Alice and Paul are best friends who do everything together, but when Alice reveals that she went to Six Flags without Paul, he starts to question their friendship. Oh, and they’re hired assassins.
The Black Experience; dir Christian L. Scott
Four aspiring black screenwriters find out the writing world may not be as inclusive as they’d hoped when they pitch their dream projects to a movie executive who is only interested in the “authentic black experience.”
Opening Night; dir Joshua Coppenbarger
A high school teenager navigates the final minutes before his first stage performance, which includes experiencing his first kiss. Despite his rising anxiety, he finds comfort in a fellow classmate as they share a romantic moment.
About A Short Film (LADFF Legacy Film 2019); dir Kevin Yee
Comedian Kevin Yee makes a short film about making a short film.
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