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2014 Official Selections& awards


Feature Films


Little Devil

Dir. Max Barber


A troublesome, disabled fag-hag absconds to London to find love and opportunity. Life deals her some unexpected twists when she peddles drugs to the queer community, and forms an unorthodox relationship with a washed-up male escort.



Dir. Suellen Maunder


Coming of age is a tricky business, especially when you’re on wheels and life keeps throwing roadblocks at you. Take a ride and be transformed. The differences may not be what they seem.



Dir. Darious Britt


An ambitious, young filmmaker must battle his mother’s mental illness and his worst fears to save her from herself and reclaim his life.


Archaeology of a Woman

Dir. Sharon Greytak


Stay then Go

Dir. Shelli Ainsworth


In a hospital waiting room, a mother reviews her experience raising her son who has Autism. This leads to a startling discovery, which alters their course forever.


La Navaja de Don Juan

Dir. Tom Sanchez


The fate of an arm wrestling match leads two rivaling brothers from the barrio across the tacks to a house party where the young one hopes to lose his virginity.


When Life Keeps Getting in the Way

Dir. Lili Matta


A dramadey about a dysfunctional woman who attempts to pick up the pieces of a broken past, while struggling with an unstable present in Los Angeles … where relationships are hard to find.


The Court of Shards

Dir. Jan Eilhardt


In this experimental drama, two disabled women fight in their own way for independence from an overpowering family.


What it Was

Dir. Daniel Armando


An old flame is reignited and a new desire is awakened when Hollywood actress, Adina Spencer, returns to New York where she is forced to face her sexual past, confront her present identity, and admit her true love.


Bury My Heart with Tonawanda

Dir. Gary Sundown


A historical film, Bury My Heart with Tonawanda tells the story of boy with Downs Syndrome who is rejected by his own family but accepted by the Tonawanda Seneca Nation.



Documentary Films


Fagbug Nation

Dir. Erin Davies


We go behind the wheel of the once vandalized, now famous, “Fagbug”. Director Erin Davies has her mind set on getting the car to all 50 states, Hawaii and Alaska being the final two.


You Have His Eyes

Dir. Christopher Thomas Wilson


In each family a story is playing itself out. All its characters affected, for better or worse…



Dir. Susanne Suffredin


Making homelessness visible. One story at a time.


I’m Still Here Smiling Through the Storms

Dir. Ruby Taylor


A traumatic brain injury survivor provides an honest account of the impact that brain injuries incur. This gripping documentary takes the viewer into a situation that most have only heard about.


Ruthie & Connie: Every Room in the House

Dir. Deborah Dickson


They kissed, came out, sued NYC for domestic partner benefits – and won! Now, the great grandmothers of the marriage equality movement FINALLY get married!


Mobile in Black and White

Dir. Robert Gray


A hard look at the ways racism continues to pervade the structures and institutions of a supposedly post-racial world.


One: A Story of Love and Equality

Dir. Becca Roth


In the months leading up to the vote on gay marriage in North Carolina, a lesbian couple seeks to understand the personal stories of people on both sides of the vote, with the desire to relate as human beings.


Let the Record Show

Dir. Demetrëa Dewald


When New York City is devastated by an unthinkable plague, an indifferent nation turns a blind eye. With the body count rising, artists ban together to save the lives of their friends, and open the eyes of America.


We Weren’t Given Anything for Free: The Story of an Italian Partisan

Dir. Eric Esser


A portrait of the former partisan, Annita Malavasi, one of the few female commanders in the Italian resistance during the Second World War.


Share My Kingdom

Dir. John Grod


A thoughtful look at the lives and the hauntingly beautiful art created by three disabled artists as they struggle to pursue their obsessions and live in a society intent on throwing  road blocks in thier paths.


Trace Amounts

Dir. Eric Gladen


Fading Away

Dir. Christopher H. K. Lee


The recollections of Korean War survivors are vividly captured in this powerful documentary surrounding the horrors of the time.


Walk On

Dir. Mark Bashian


A disabled 21-year-old who was born HIV Positive trains for an AIDS walk while educating others about HIV and disabilities with the help of a Quadriplegic Comic, an Amputee Sprinter, and a Purple Heart Veteran.




Youth In Media



 Dir. Sasha Fox


Two teens almost have their first date thwarted because of their competing loyalties to opposing super heroes. 



Web Series


Miss Guidance

Dirs. Matthew Breault & Lea Dizon


Sometimes the best advice to take is your own.


Short Subject


New Kentucky Home

Dir. Elijah McKenzie



Dir. Pepo Ruiz


Throughout different testimonies, we understand what it means to be albino in Sub-Saharan Africa.


From Davis to Montgomery and Back Again

Dirs. Ben Bruening & D. H. Martin


A SynapTic Adventure: Tourettes and Beyond

Dir. Stephen Dijoseph


 A humorous and insightful journey through the mind of a performance artist who grew up, lives, and thrives with Tourette's Syndrome. 


Kisses in Zocalo

Dir. Maida Hals


Living in a time where we are distinguished by color, religion, and nationality, it is beautiful despite these differences that there is a powerful similarity that unites us all. The language of love: A kiss.


Strange Fruit

Dir. Rev. Elizabeth Myer Boulton


Terror into poetry, hatred into protest, heartbreak into hope - "Strange Fruit" calls everyone to write new songs to help right new wrongs. 


We are Somebody

Dir. Reid H. Bangert


A collection of stories written by the youth who live in some of Kansas City's toughest neighborhoods. 


One Question

Dir. Anthony Di Salvo


35 people with Intellectual Disabilities are asked: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?


Being Stavros

Dir. Jonothan McLeod


A story about one man’s unbreakable spirit, “Being Stavros” is a tale of triumph, heartbreak and how to wear your underpants.


Modify to Fit

Dir. Patrick Murphy


Kendra Bailey, a below-the-elbow amputee, describes the modifications she makes to succeed in both the sport world and everyday life.



College Short Subject


Frank and Azalee Austin

Dir. Zachary Kerschberg



Dir. Ruby Railey


Margot traverses the emotional landscape of her tumultuous parental relationship, as she attempts to make sense of the illness that is claiming her father.



Being There

Dir. Ben Hakim


A young man’s quest for love exposes him to an experience he may not be ready for.


Volti Famillari

Dir. Jake Zappia


Daniela faces the responsibility of caring for her Alzheimer’s affected grandfather, despite the fact that he no longer remembers her.


Between Us

Dir. Ping-Wen Wang


In the midst of a passionate affair with a married woman, art teacher Ariel must choose between sating her sexual desires, or living an open life free of broken promises.


What am I Doing Here?

Dir. Wahid ibn Reza


A Bangladeshi writer chases the great American Dream without realizing the sacrifices he is making in the process.



Dir. Ora DeKornfeld


Cherry Pop

Dir. Assaad Yacoub


Cherry Pop is a drag review club full of drama, chaos, and an assortment of talented performers.


Death of a Wizard

Dir. Edward Varnie


During the social unrest of the 1960s, three boys take matters into their own hands when they plan to take down the Grand Wizard living in their small southern town.


No One But Lydia

Dir. Rob Richert


A scheming teenager is determined to win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend, Lydia. He will need the help of his stoner friends to enact an elaborate heist in the name of sincere, albeit misguided, love.  



Dir. Courtney Harmstone


At her first spin-the-bottle party, Muslim-American teenager Mira bravely removes her veil to fit in. But is that what she really wants?


Goal Ball

Dir. Peter Monahan



Dir. Pier-Philippe Chevigny


young Filipino domestic worker receives an unexpected phone call on the job, which puts her at great risk of being fired.


God by the Neck

Dir. José Trigueiros


8-year-old Pablo has an invitation to a very special, but forbidden, birthday party. It’s Sunday, and for the first time, Pablo is going on a door-to-door preaching mission with his mother.



Dir. Jackson Kroopf


After losing her first job, a young, black lawyer hides in her apartment, attempting to keep her failure to herself.



High School

Short Subject


Streetlight Named Fear

Dir. Ciara Boniface


A girl confides in her best friend on how she witnessed the disappearance of her sister … in plain sight.


Surprise Party

Dir. Ben Morris


The camera always lies.


Carrie’s Wish

Dir. Maria Alvarez


A sister finds a way to cope with the death of her sibling by completing a summer bucket-list.



Dir. Alexander Haney


Tara, a teenager who dreams of a successful future in business, manages the school bookstore for one day. But will preoccupied employees and the craziness of a bookstore get in the way of her ambitions?



Dir. Alexander Bergmann


Two young people come together in an unexpected situation in their lives.



Dir. Andrea Cuba



Dir. Luka Joncich


The secrets of the underground world of artificial food manufacturers are uncovered.


Regione Caecorum

Dir. Drew Goldsmith


An evening of speed-dating turns the tables on ability – and disability.



Dir. Alec Cano

He Don’t Make Junk

Dir. Richard Porter


After the death of his mother, lonely outcast Isaiah learns that family is more than blood.


A Quest for Peace: Nonviolence Among Religions

Dir. Matthew J. Evans


Through discussion with influential religious leaders, Matthew J. Evans provides powerful lessons about nonviolence, acceptance, and cultural understanding.



Short Films


Love Escapes Us

Dir. Craig Tovey


Powerful Words

Dir. Erahm Christopher


A critical light is shed on the power of words.


A Super Secret

Dir. Gabrielle Dennis


In a time where privacy no longer exists over the Internet, two sisters are unaware that their Skype call is being monitored. But those who monitor are unaware of the shocking secret they will soon discover.


Closed Caption

Dir. Jennifer Kassabian


Happy Birthday

Dir. Richard Heredia-Arriaga


A short drama that chronicles the journey of Luis, a young man who after burning all of his bridges, attempts to find redemption while visiting his brother on his birthday.



 Dir. Daryn Wakasa


ln a post-modern, dystopian world where guns and ammunition have been outlawed, a young woman struggles to find balance in her life as she raises her 6-year-old daughter while working as a contract killer. 




Dir. Kevin O’Neill


Children do not see race. Love does not see color.


Lame Lambs

Dir. Yunus Yidirim


The Eulogy of Ivy O’Connor

Dir. Shervin Youssefian


Why would Ivy O'Connor take her own life? They mystery of her death reveals a heartbreaking reality of the dangers that lurk in the hallways of our schools.



The End is Quiet and Dark

Dir. Tajreen Hedayet



Dir. Sami Khadraoui


Two young men spend a few days in a chalet, when they discover a dark presence is haunting the place.



Dir. Huieun Park


Things left behind after the loss of a loved one.



Dir. Maud Lazzerini


Juliette, a beautiful and successful lawyer, refuses to enter a cabaret, revealing her inner trouble…


Dragon’s Throat

Dir. Justin Galindo


An insecure drug addict’s source of income is kidnapping women and selling them to Mexican Cartels. Desperate, he attempts to sell his girlfriend to feed his addiction, but is tested to prove his worth.


In Sickness and in Health

Dir. Aaron Denius Garcia


A young man tells his family he is dying of AIDS. When his father storms off, his partner confronts his dad about marriage. 



Dir. Jack O’Donnell


A curious deaf boy’s life is changed when he meets a living statue.


A Ginger Sheep

Dir. Rona Soffer


Nuni used to be into graffiti, but then she lost her leg. Years later, she meets her first love, who rekindles her passion for the art.


Toby and the Runaway Kite

Dir. Dana Stockton


Pardon! Who, me?

Dir. Ipek Efe


Deniz is trying to resist the system in which everything is about outward appearance. It's hard to be yourself when no one else accepts you. 


One in 5

Dir. Zoë Harvey


Rita, Shaun, and Charlie have dreams like anybody else, but differences make independence, earning a living, and being treated as equals all the harder to achieve.



Dir. Aidan Duffy


A boy born with a mirror for a face becomes an artist and finds love in this modern fable.


Edward the Damned

Dir. John Weckworth


Dance Off!

Dir. Graham Gall


A dance studio spies on its main rival in preparation for a competition, but the other studio anticipates this and pulls a fast one.


Punching Walls

Dir.Tessa Treanor


 A day in the life of a conflicted 17-year-old as he tries to navigate his way between his friendships and responsibilities at a New York City public school.


The Hero Pose

Dir. Mischa Jakupcak


A father and daughter discover those precious moments in life when two people are able to pause and connect.


Damaged Goods

Dir. Harm Weistra


A picture is worth a thousand words, but one word can hurt more than a thousand pictures.


Rosita Lopez for President

Dir. Rachel Goldberg


A 14-year-old girl runs for President of the United States. As she tries to garner votes, Rosita renews more than just faith in democracy in the people she meets.


What If

Dir. Mike Garrick


What if you could change your life, would you be prepared for the consequences?


Am I Not Your Girl

Dir. Xavery Robin


When her parents walk out and a young man fails to comfort her, Lena is left wondering if it’s worth it to get married.


Lady of the Night

Dir. Laurent Boileau


The annual dinner commemorating the death of Cornelius revives Samuel’s memories, but he has never revealed his homosexuality to Corneilus’ family.


Elegy for a Revolutionary

Dir. Paul van Zyl



Dir. Julius S. DeLaCruz


A lonely, depressed man wakes up to find an empty lipstick container in his medicine cabinet. This makes him realize: the source of his happiness is also the cause of his sadness.

2014 Award Winners 



Best Director 
This award is presented to the director of a film who demonstrates excellence in their craft. 


Jennifer Kassabian, Closed Captioned


Diversity in the Arts 
Awarded to the filmmaker who reflects true, non-stereotyped diversity in a feature film. Films encapsulating the LGBT community, disability, race, and/or religion will be eligible. 



Little Devil, Directed by Max Barber

Best of Fest Award 
While art is subjective and cannot be judged, it is possible to praise artists for their work. This prize goes to the film that demonstrates excellence in story telling, and execution. 


You Have His Eyes, Directed by Christopher Thomas Wilson

The Susan Mullen Award for Best Actress 
This award is given to the female performer who demonstrates excellence in her craft.



Sam Renke, Little Devil

Best Actor 
This award is given to the male performer who demonstrates excellence in his craft. 


Matt Kane, Stay then Go



Women Filmmakers Award 
This accolade is awarded to a female filmmaker who demonstrates excellent in her field. It may be awarded to a female director or producer. 


 Gina Stoj, Producer, What If

Diversity in the Arts Award - Short Subject
Awarded to the filmmaker who reflects true, non-stereotyped diversity in short film. Films encapsulating the LGBT community, disability, race, and/or religion will be eligible. 


No One But Lydia, Directed by Robert Richert


Best Short Film 
While impossible to judge subjective art, it is possible to recognize exceptional effort. This award will go to the Best Short Film of the festival, juried by industry professionals. 


Chuck, Directed by Julius DeLaCruz



Best Documentary

This award goes to the feature-length documentary that demonstrates excellence in this genre.


 @Home, Directed by Susanne Suffredin


Honorable Mention 
This award is given to the feature-length documentary that demonstrates noteworthy filmmaking efforts.


Walk On, Directed by Mark Bashian



Best Short Documentary

This award goes to the documentary (59 minutes and under) that demonstrates excellence in this genre.


Being Stavros, Directed by Jonothan McLeod





Notable Young Filmmaker 
This award is given to the college level filmmaker who demonstrates excellence in their craft. 


God by the Neck- Directed by José Trigueiros                       

Honorable Mention 
This award is given to the student who demonstrates noteworthy filmmaking efforts.



Cherry Pop, Directed by Assaad Yacoub


Frank and Azalee Austin, Directed by Zachary Kerschberg


Rot, Directed by Ruby Railey





1st Place 
This award is given to the high school filmmaker who demonstrates strong promise in quality filmmaking. 

Momentum, Directed by Alexander Bergmann


2nd Place 
This award is given to the student who demonstrates noteworthy filmmaking efforts. 


Surprise Party, Directed by Ben Morris





1st Place
This award is given to the young filmmaker whose efforts merit recognition. 
Sponsor:101 Monologues for Kids! 


Superdate, Directed by Sasha Fox





Ichi-Go Ichi-E Award 
Sponsored by Takayoshi Wiesner

For the film which encapsulates supreme uniqueness, creativity, and innovation.



Mirrorman, Directed by Aidan Duffy



The Frank and Linda Kilpatrick Award

This award is presented to the film that demonstrates high achievement through resourcefulness.



Bookstore, Directed by Alexander Haney



The Gina Stoj Award

This award is presented to the film that demonstrates excellence in overall production value.



The Hero Pose- Directed by Mischa Jakupcak


The Migrant Filmworks Award

For the Emerging Latino Artist


Richard Heredia-Arriaga,  Happy Birthday


Pioneering Women in Screenwriting

Sponsored by Louanna Petrucci in Memory of Anna Petrucci


Shelli Ainsworth, Stay then Go


Lillien Gilbert Kid-Friendly Award


Rosita Lopez for President, Directed by Rachel Goldberg




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