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2015 official selections

Richmond Diversity Film Festival

Program #1    





The Misunderstood Love

Short Subject

Dir. Riccardo Di Gerlando

When life meets art.


And Counting

Short Subject

Dir. Michelle Wood

What would you do if you thought you were going to die? One man’s journey through life with HIV.


Annabel Lee

Student Film

Dir. Carl T. Rogers

A husband and wife are torn asunder by evil angels. Based on Edgar Allan Poe poem.


New Day 


Dir. Tomislav Zaja

Two women with intellectual disabilities start a new life within a community.



Program #2




The Mural


Dir. Fran Guijarro

Artists with developmental disabilities work together to paint a wall to erase barriers.



Student Film

Dir. Shuangshuang Hao

Scared of being an adult, Mo believes he can stop himself from growing up.


Wallas on Velos


Dir. Alton Valadares

A knife sharpener ... a milkman ... a deliveryman ... a drink seller: Four men whose lives are linked by bicycles.


This Could Be the Night

Short Subject

Dir. Fredrik Elfstrand

When did everything become so serious?




Program #3    





The Corner of the Eye    

Short Subject

Dir. Valerio Di Filippo and Vito Valente

Imprisoned by cinema and fantasy, a girl discovers love is the fiction.




Dir. David Collier and Suzanne LaFetra

12 months. 5 teens. 1 goal. 


Program #4





Habeas Corpus

Student Film

Dir. Booker T. Mattison

When life takes miraculous, unexpected turns.


Lady of the Night

Short Subject - Animation

Dir. Laurent Boileau

Created by Attie Esterhuizen

After an annual family dinner, he becomes the Queen of the Night.


Glass Man


Dir. We Ra

A depressed, dependent boy fights for others with disabilities.


The Imperfect Cradle

Short Subject

Dir. Mario Ventura

Two childhood friends face strange feelings unexplainable by words. In silence, they discover what they are looking for.



Program #5  





Life If

Short Subject 

Dir. Daniele Bonarini

Alone, will she be able to save the earth?



You Have His Eyes


Dir. Christopher Thomas Wilson

In each family a story is playing itself out. All its characters affected, for better or worse…




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