2016 official selections & awards

Dir: Nnegest Likké

Feature Film

Ben Johnson, a struggling PhD candidate, meets Ara, a fellow PhD candidate, who is everything he is not: successful, focused and a devout Muslim of Cameroonian descent. An unlikely romance blossoms as the two explore the possibilities and the limits of an inter-religious, inter-racial, and inter-cultural relationship.
True Colours
Dir: David Valent

Student Film - College

An increasingly desolate teenage schoolboy creates a coded language using paint colour sample cards to express his secret desires and feelings for the object of his affection.
The Escape Hatch
Dir: David Willing


A girl walks into a restaurant dressed as Wonder Woman and orders a beer. A feel good film about love and courage.
Lessons of Basket Ball and War
Dir: Ron Bourke


Somali refugee girls struggle to put the hostility and violence of war behind them with the help of a dedicated educator and peacemaker.
The Closer We Get
Dir: Karen Guthrie


The Closer We Get is a multi-award winning autobiographical portrait of broken dreams, loyalty and redemption that follows its director Karen Guthrie from Scotland to Ethiopia and back again.
Politically Correct
Dir: Savannah Rodgers

Student Film - College

A group of television writers try so hard to be politically correct, it impedes their writing process.
My Identity
Dir: Yasmin Mistry


A young Native-American Caucasian girl, converts to Islam in hopes of finding structure in a life where it never existed.
I'm Ghana
Dir: Francesca Perticarini

Student Film - High School

Away from her home in Ghana for the first time, this student gives her account on life amongst tall buildings in a big, bustling city.
Dir: Tomislav Zaja


Free follows the path to freedom of a group of people with intellectual disabilities that are locked away in Croatian institutions.
Little Victories
Dir: Megan Jones

Student Film - College

The true story of how one couple comes to terms with the fact that their son was born with Down Syndrome.
Dir: Ray Jacobs


Bastion was having an ordinary day, a few of the regulars, old gents with less and less hair to cut each time, he was ready to head home, and then he entered, that harmless fool.
Attached at the Soul
Dir: William Leon

Student Film - High School

A friendship develops between two teenagers from different ethnic backgrounds in the 1950’s. Together they have proven that when you open up your heart you can make a positive difference.
Dragon Dreaming
Dirs: Amy Pysden and Daniel Clarke


Meet Kushia Young. This 21-year-old indigenous artist from the remote Australian desert can't hear you but her unique drawings communicate a language all of her own.
Remembered Visions
Dir: Norbert Strehle

Student Film - College

Remembered Visions is a journey through the world, work and vision of blind artist and director Maria Oshodi. We follow her on a tense day trying discover how she ‘sees’ the world.
Suicide Kale
Dir: Carly Usdin


Emotional chaos ensues over lunch when new couple, Jasmine and Penn, find an anonymous suicide note at the home of the happiest people they know.
Trials Finding the Medal
Dir: Daniel Koenig


Four elite para-rowers train and compete for a spot on the U.S. National Rowing Team.
Dir: Jenna Kanell


Despite being told as a child that he would never speak or walk, Vance accomplished what doctors thought was impossible. But now he has a new challenge: dating.
Dir: Puppet


Written by Guinevere Turner, Wedlocked is a comedy about the ridiculous laws governing gay divorce before the pivotal 2015 SCOTUS ruling in favor of marriage equality.
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Grand Jury Prize (Best of the Fest) — “Suicide Kale” 

Best Feature Film —  “Train Station” 

Best Director, Feature Film — Carly Usidn (“Suicide Kale”)

Best Actress — Jasika Nicole (“Suicide Kale”)

Best Actor — Luke Fewster (“True Colours”)

Best Documentary — “Trails: Finding the Medal” 

Best Short Documentary — “Remembered Visions”

Best Short Film — "The Big Decisions"

Best Director, Short Film — A. L. Lee (“the good boy”) 

Women Filmmakers Award — Karen Guthrie (“The Closer We Get”)

Best College Film — “True Colours” 

Best High School Film — “A Little Love Goes a Long Clay” 

Diversity in the Arts — “Wedlocked” 

Notable Young Filmmaker — “Attached at the Soul” 

Honorable Mention — “I am Ghana” 



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