2017 official selections & Awards

Self Help Books Away from Being Perfect

Dir. Lopez Williams

A screwball romantic ​comedy about a bright-eyed Brooklynite who naively uses self help principles to find love.

Grand Jury Prize (Best of the Fest) — “Public Intimacy” 

Best Feature Film —  “I’m Still Here” 

Best Director, Feature Film — Luciana Canton "Public Intimacy"

Best Actress — Aliyah Conley  "I Am Still Here"

Best Actor — Sachin Joab  "You Deserve Everything"

Best Documentary Short — “Inner Me”

Best Documentary — “Go Penguins!”

Best Short Film — "Heads or Tails"

Best Director, Short Film — Gina Wenzel  "The Sky Is Blue Everywhere"

Best College Film — “INA” 

Best High School Film — “Chad, I Love You” 

Diversity in the Arts Award — “He Who has Two Souls”

Honorable Mention — “Andre The Anti-Giant” 

Honorable Mention — “Well Done”



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